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[entrada_telfax entrada_telfax_title=”Booking Enquiries” entrada_telfax_no=”+998 78 140 0740″ entrada_telfax_icon=”icon-tel-big”]Feel free to contact our main office located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Our operators will assist you weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00 (UTC+05:00).[/entrada_telfax]
[entrada_telfax entrada_telfax_title=”24/7 Hotline” entrada_telfax_no=”+998 98 368 3336″ entrada_telfax_block_class=”bg-blue” entrada_telfax_icon=”icon-tel-big”]This hotline number is available 24/7 for our costumers, we will always be happy and ready to communicate with you for any kind of inquiries.[/entrada_telfax]
[entrada_telfax entrada_telfax_title=”Telefax” entrada_telfax_no=”+998 78 140 0740″ entrada_telfax_icon=”icon-fax-big”]Telefax is safe and quick way to send us any documentation, this service can be used anytime.[/entrada_telfax]

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